Two essential things about My Story game!


Google and ios release so many games every day. Every time you visit the store, you find new games, and it is become almost hard to choose one particular game to enjoy it in leisure time. Few got the trick and fried to download many games in a single device. But downloading more and more games will decrease the overall speed of the handset. Apart from the performance, so many games on the mobile will also harm the software of the gadget due to the existence of many ads in the games. So try to download only one good match like My Story, which is become very famous these days. The game exists all the ingredients that suited very female gamer. My Story Choose Your Own Path-based game, and you need to decide what to do or not in the game.

Decide what to do

The game requires so many right decisions to get progress in the game. You need to choose a character first and then choose your husband, boyfriend, friend, and so on. Your every answer will help you to conclude the story of the game.

Complete the challenges and objectives

To get the rewards and currency in the game, you need to perform well in the trials. Complete all your goal and challenges to get the maximum tickets, which are a useful currency of the game. The flow of the funds in the game is so hard, and you need to do the best in the game to acquire diamonds and tickets.


Finally, we can say that game is quite right to play, and it can be downloaded at free of cost any time.

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